Company Profile

Founded in 1953, Piramit Iplik highly fulfills the expectations and needs of her customers for nearly 60 years by investing to the latest technology and human resources continiously.

In 1978, Piramit Iplik has been bought by Nevzat Fikret Koru, founder of NFK Holding, and became one of the group firms. Piramit Iplik is now one of the leading companies of NFK Holding owned by Koru family.

Since 1985, Piramit Iplik has intended to specialize in manufacturing of 100% polyester spun yarn.  Piramit Iplik’s motto is to convey her 60 years long experience to the customers as highest level quality and service standard using her continiously renewing technology and high quality human resources.

 Piramit Iplik aims to be the business partner for her customers  and have unconditional customer satisfaction with price/quality balance and high standard products.

Piramit Iplik presents widespread solutions for each polyester spun yarn customer, by the ability of production of single and double polyester yarns in the range of Ne 6/1 to Ne 100/1 with 25,000 ring spin production capacity.